Why, Yes. Yes we have.


Thrown a fistful of glitter in the air.

We are taking our glitter to Italy.  K and I are planning a girls vacation.  Soak up the art, the music, the wine.

Not sure they are ready for us.

Italy advice?  Destination recommendations?  What not to dos?  What to eat?  Lay it on me!



I’m living vicariously through my daughter and I like it!

So my daughter, K, has started her nomadic life and is absolutely loving it!  She is a freelance artist so she’s pretty mobile.  The first leg of her journey took her across the U.S.  She decided camping in 10 degree weather wasn’t her schtick and got a hotel the next night…K and S (the boyfriend) loved Colorado and The Grand Canyon.

My dogs are pretty awesome

I have this really cool German Shepard/Pyrenees mix named Stevie Ray.  (So?  I like a little roadhouse blues and a kicking guitar, it still suits him)

He is my shadow.  He is always ready to give me love and always ready to go.  He tells on my husband all of the time and gets him in trouble.  I have never seen a dog that could carry on a conversation with me with just his expressions.  Now that he is getting older (almost 11), he doesn’t run with me anymore and would much rather snuggle.  He has earned it.  He has been and is a most excellent companion.

I also have a Lab mix.  El is in a class all her own.

She is young at about 3 (she is a pound puppy, so birth date is anyone’s guess).  The is the goofiest thing I have ever met.  Stevie Ray looks at her in befuddled wonder most days.  Exasperation and trepidation on other days.  She knows nothing of personal space.  Nothing.  But, so eager to learn.  We just finished her first level to becoming a therapy dog.  Because she loves people that much.  She’s gonna rock it.


Fit at 50?

My birthday is in a few short weeks and since it’s the BIG 5-OH I have been doing the required look-at-my-life-and-hope-it’s-not-too-late-to-fix-it thing. Yes it’s a thing. Promise

Thing is, it’s not too late. 100 years ago I would have one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel, but there is no excuse in this day and age. People are having babies at my age. NOT ME! He’ll no! Been there, but I haven’t been to Italy, so….you know…Italy it is!

Sorry, squirrel moment.

As I was saying (before you made me think of Italy) there is no excuse to not fix things because 50 is still relatively young (do NOT roll your eyes!).

I don’t have a lot to fix…my complexion is crap and I’m overweight. I’m really…overweight. I suck at money management. I really…suck at money management. So I have my list of things to fix at 50.

Three things.

Three. Things.

I got this.

I have a 2 year old lab that I want to train as a running buddy, but first I have to train her to bring me her leash and bug the crap out of me until I get off my tablet and my butt.

So, I have my list and I have my jumping off point. And I have my reward. Italy. (You guys thought I had forgotten that didn’t cha?) My mind is not on the list. It wanders just as good as it always has.

I’m off to put the clothes in the dryer and get find the leash…


Definitely on my To-Do

Does this not just look like the bees knees?  I have Norway on my list and this is most certainly one of my activities when I get there.  I took a run on the beach (the movies make it look effortless) and I gotta tell you, running the hills of my home is much easier than running in sand.  I wonder if snowshoeing will be about like that…

Feel the burn.

Mapping Megan’s Snowshoeing Adventure

Snowshoe Herlan Peak of Lake Tahoe

Photo belongs to Mapping Megan @mappingmegan


Bankhead National Forest


This weekend found my son and I tooling around Bankhead National Forest.  The hike was a bust, but the time spent with my son was golden.

We had the game plan to do a little geocaching, but, unfortunately, the cache wasn’t there.  They had just burned the underbrush, so everything was blackened.  It was a little sad…

We spent about 3 hours with uninterrupted conversation and tick removal.  Guys, I gotta tell you, there were so many ticks, I needed a transfusion rather than my water.  I can still feel them.  I wonder if it had something to do with the recent burning?  Does anyone know anything about this?



My son had recently graduated from college and I feel that these moments are going to happen less and less.  So, I’ll take the ticks, the burn, the cacheless hike and anything else, for the chances to hang with my kids.  True dat.